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    Matt Woods

    Quite honestly I’ve been putting off reviewing Matt Woods, he’s not only a dear friend but part of the reason I chose to go in the direction I have with my career. I wanted to make sure I did him justice with how I worded this review, however with limited vocabulary and even more limited experience, it’s a struggle.

    The back story of my relationship with Matt Woods was that when I was a bartender at a venue, it was somebodies 18th Birthday, mid September, and it was full of little screaming, crying kids. The music, without knowledge of a more apt word, was bloody awful.

    Then Matt Woods came to the stage, and however much of a cliché, he blew me away. So, we got talking, had a few too many drinks, way too many shots, I took his details, and 3 months later got in touch when I was offered the opportunity to run an Acoustic Night.

    Now this artist started on the circuit with his first gig last September, and boy has he come a long way. He’s managed to make his monthly appearance at Sunday Sessions a night that packs the venue. Equipped with an acoustic guitar, his infamous loop pedals and a vibe likened to Mumford and Sons and my personal opinion Jason Mraz / Paolo Nutini, he wows the crowd every visit.

    Seeing him on a monthly basis, I’ve seen his progress. Ranging from covers of Purple Rain, Hallelujah, Redemption Song and my personal favourite Hurt, by Johnny Cash. He also incorporates a lot of his own songs that he draws from his own personal experiences and through his music takes you on the same journey. Matt really has the ability to draw a crowd in and keep the captivated with his voice and diversity in his songs, and it’s really no surprise that he was quick to be picked up by management and is now recording with reputable and key figures in the industry.

    I feel there’s a real gap in the market for a voice as talented and strong and a man that let’s face it, is pretty easy on the eyes. Congratulations Matt Woods for doing so well in such a short space of time, and I haven’t a shadow of doubt that you have a great music career in your future.

    You can download his debut EP for FREE here

    Check out his website - for more information and up and coming events.

    Or on twitter @MattWoodsMusic

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  2. This is David Ellis performing a cover of Ben Howard’s Diamonds exclusively for ACTV. This is a Outside Session (OS), Acoustic cover.


  3. The first video from the ACTV band (Life on a Boat) will be on soon!